What Not To Do When Cleaning An Office

The workplace is a great place to talk and mingle with others.  When we start a new job we are open to countless opportunities and possibilities.  However, if we are sloppy employees or if we tend to show disrespect to our workplace by keeping it dirty, people will start to take notice.  This is why office cleaning in Lenexa, KS is so important.  When we keep a clean office, it shows that we take pride in our work.

Don’t leave food around

The number one thing that people will judge you on is how you deal with food.  If you eat in the break room or in other designated areas, then you are showing that you care about your workspace.  If you eat in your office and leave food around, then people will start to take notice and that is not a good thing.

Pick up after yourself

It only takes a few seconds to pick up after yourself.  When you drop something on the ground or if your trash can is full, take a few minutes to stretch your legs and take care of it.  One of the biggest issues is that we tend to let things go or we allow them to pile up.  When this happens, they quickly get out of control and we start to have issues.  So just pick up after yourself and everything will be fine.

Wipe down surfaces and spills

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No one wants to walk into a room and see spilled milk, juice, soda or even water on a counter or other surface.  If you spill something take some paper towels, napkins or something laying around and wipe it up.  If it is sticky, take some water and clean it up as well.

Keeping a clean space is not difficult.  Follow these suggestions and you will maintain a clean office and enjoyable work environment.